Our suite of biometric research hardware, software and experienced professionals allow us to deliver meaningful insights on how your consumers experience your brand and its environments like never before. Our breadth of capabilities allows for desktop, lab, on-site and virtual world testing


  • Eye & Emotional tracking

    Eye & Emotional tracking

    Rob's first use of eye-tracking technology was for Pepsi Co. in 1998. The ability to test materials with large volumes of users has proven to be essential in designing and optimising experiences from print to websites.

    Using the latest combination of EEG, ECG, user input and Eyetracking now enables us to track more than just eye movement. Now we can understand emotional engagement and memory encoding; making this technology excellent for optimising video content and TV commercials.

    The short duration required for individual participants has meant that this approach can deliver quantitative data in research lab conditions - something that would have previously been time and cost-prohibitive.

    The use of eye recording glasses and mobile ECG equipment also means we can test in real-world environments and moments of human engagement such as sales or service.

  • Human Movement

    Human Movement Studies

    SpoutLogic is a leader in human motion tracking and face recognition technology; this relatively new technology enables retailers, architects, store fitters and infrastructure designers to track movement and behaviours of people as they move through physical environments.

    This research method not only allows for the optimisation of footfall and environmental design, but when tied to marketing data can build attribution between online activity and retail visits.

    Our track record covers multiple verticals such as FMCG, QSR, Transport, Tourism & Leisure, Banking, Automotive and Supermarkets. We are able to use existing CCTV or our bespoke re-engineered cameras to gain the data required to deliver meaningful and immediately actionable insights.

  • Virtual & Mixed Reality

    Virtual & mixed reality

    The emergence of high-quality virtual reality headsets and the integration of eye-tracking technology now allow us to deliver research without the need to build or alter real settings. This method can either use entirely computer-rendered imagery or by using 3D photography and computer vision we can augment with features rendered over real images. This method is highly effective in testing expensive refits or multiple options of design or colour that would not be impractical with real-world testing.
    The use of mixed reality can be highly effective in testing marketing materials such as product packaging, instore screen, posters and billboards.

SpoutLogic works with clients to ensure full disclosure and privacy for all individuals involved in research.
Where possible data is recorded without identifying details and all other data is treated with the highest securing and respect and is not shared with 3rd parties.

Other Research Services

Digital Testing & Benchmarking

User testing, Website Design, Website Compliance, Mobile Application & Software usability.

Colour Blind Testing

Wayfinding Signage & Markings, Website Compliance, Email Ledgeability & Identity Design Checks.

Secret Shopping

Retail Experience Analysis, Field Service Testing, Operational Optimisation & Staff Training.

Panel Research

Online Panels, Forum Discussion Groups, Group Design & Innovation Session Design & Hosting.