Digital has become the mainstream for marketing and is no longer a niche requirement; it has, at the same time, become highly fragmented and increasingly complex. With over a quarter of a decade in digital experience design and application, we know how to navigate digital and how to help our clients and their teams deliver exceptional results.

  •  Journey modelling

    Customer journey maps enable an understanding of how your product or service interacts with consumers and how they arrive at the moment of truth when the purchase decision is made and they are onboarded as a customer.

    Customer journeys have two fundamental benefits.

    1. Journey maps are a powerful tool in helping your organisation understand how your business and its market interact as well as understanding how competitors may gain an advantage.
    2. By reducing highly complex interactions into a visual journey map it becomes easier to understand the points at which technology can make a difference.

    Customer journey maps enable you to understand how your product or service interacts with consumers and how they arrive at the moment of truth when the purchase decision is made and they are onboarded as a customer.

    The process of working through a customer journey also allows us to define the data opportunity and requirements. Well structured data is critical for successful technology deployment and delivers a single truth across many of the final tools or platforms selected; removing the all too common attribution disparity.

  • Pretotyping & Prototyping

    With the increasing pressures to be agile and develop solutions at speed the need to test concepts quickly has become a requirement for many clients. The use of extremely quick and low fidelity pretotyping to determine the human desire and 'fit' before building a prototype ensures funds are channelled to projects that not only work for the business but that are desirable and usable with its consumers.

    SpoutLogic can assist with Pretotyping & Prototyping, either within your existing team or as a stand-alone service.

  • Martech

    At SpoutLogic, we often get asked for Martech platform and process recommendations. We are lucky to see under the bonnet of many different vendors and clients, and this gives us a deep understanding of what works and more importantly, what doesn't. 

    We believe that your martech journey relies on two core aspects, once you have these well defined you can make build the rest of your strategy with confidence. The core elements are;

    1. Your customers' journey. This is not only how the customer works through your sales process or engagement model, as is often the case with journey models, but instead how your sales and product fit into a customers life. It may seem like a small detail, but it is the difference between success and failure.
    2. Customer data model. If you are going to build a sophisticated data-driven marketing model, what data do we really need to get the job done? Where will you store the data? How will the data drive a business outcome?

    These two aspects allow us to concentrate our effort in order to help select the leanest martech ecosystem that delivers to your needs.

    We are platform and vendor agnostic by choice to ensure we can deliver unbiased strategy and advice.

  • Platform Solutions 

    By working with the key stakeholders to explore business requirements and connected use cases, we add depth to the technical and process solution structures and ensure vendor engagement delivers a higher level of business synergy.

    We often work as a conduit between the technical, marketing and financial teams to define critical motivators and success criteria for the team and the business.

    Whether we are working with a business to define their needs and ROI or ensuring an existing vendor engagement is ready for market, we work with clients to ensure the final result is an effective technology solution that delivers to their current and near-future needs.